Track School

School Asset Management Made Easy

Tracking school inventory has traditionally been a chore—often expensive, time-consuming, and unsystematic. GoCodes provides a new, efficient and cost effective way for you to track school inventory. GoCodes—an innovative, cloud-based system—lets you track and manage your assets using your smartphone. Unlike expensive old-style systems, GoCodes works from

day one with no software to load and no special equipment. It’s an excellent, affordable alternative to traditional school inventory management software. GoCodes—it’s in a class of its own.

How Does Our GoCodes Demo Help You?

Once you’ve applied for our demo, you will instantly receive login information to access it online. Our demo offers you a working version of our powerful software, including hypothetical test assets and information. Our demo also showcases how simple GoCodes is to use, the unique features we include (like GPS tracking) and clarifies how our total solution can help you manage theft and loss and meet your organization's asset and inventory management needs.

If you require assistance, our customer service team is pleased to be able to learn about your specific requirements, answer any questions and determine how GoCodes can best serve you. We are certain that you will be delighted with our Total Asset and Inventory Solution and we look forward to hearing from you.

Everything is Covered with GoCodes


With GoCodes, you’re good to go.

Our All-in-one Solution includes easy-to-use cloud-based software, free smartphone apps and patented QR code labels customized for your business.

Track your assets anywhere, any time. This innovative, cloud-based system lets you track and manage assets using your smartphone. Unlike expensive old-school systems, GoCodes works from the get-go with no software to load and no special equipment to add. It functions on any laptop, tablet, or computer, and is enabled with smartphone scanning.