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Get a FREE trial on the all-new and all-powerful asset management solution designed for schools and universities. Our solution includes easy-to-use cloud-based software, free smartphone apps and patented QR code labels.
School inventory tracking has traditionally been a massive chore—expensive, time-consuming, and not always systematic. Now there’s a whole new way of tracking for school inventory—and it’s in a class of its own. Now a fast, flexible, and customizable school asset & inventory tracking solution is more affordable than ever. GoCodes—the innovative, cloud-based system that lets you track and manage your assets using your smartphone. Unlike expensive old-style systems, GoCodes works from day one with no software to load and no special equipment. It’s an excellent alternative to traditional school inventory management software.
It works with any laptop, tablet, or computer, and is enabled with smartphone scanning. And now you can try it for 30 days—free! No obligation and no credit card fee. Just provide your contact details and one of our customer service professionals will contact you today. Customer service is available by chat, phone, and email, so you can always get assistance when you need it.

GoCodes helps prevent stolen, lost, or misplaced school assets.

  • Mark every inventory asset with a unique, customized bar code tag scannable by any smartphone
  • Track and map each asset via GPS
  • Collect customized data for each asset
  • Add a picture with the click of your smartphone

Just scan—and track. It’s really that easy.

The GoCodes asset management solution lets your school easily track, manage, and record your assets. With GoCodes, you can prevent loss and theft by labeling and tracking every item in your school inventory. The unique code on every tag scans by smartphone to connect to an easy-to-use, customizable, web-based tracking solution.

Great information at your fingertips.

Audits are easy with GoCodes. You can customize our web-based software to easily keep records on personnel, servicing, and maintenance. GoCodes even lets you automate key processes like service requests. When it comes to school regulatory compliance or other asset-related management issues, you’ll find GoCodes keeps you up-to-date and accurate.

The GoCodes patented school bar code tags are tough—and smart.

  • Includes premium polyester laminate labels (1.5 x 0.75 inch)
  • Strong permanent adhesive
  • Available in other materials and sizes including metal and RFID
  • Print-your-own options available too

With a scan of your smartphone, you can record all your asset details in one place.

  • Record all make, model, serial number, warranties, and maintenance records
  • Download powerful Excel reports in a single click
  • Easily connect via Quickbooks, NetSuite, and Sage
  • Respond confidently to audits or inventory questions

GoCodes helps you run your school more easily and powerfully

  • Update information with a simple tag scan
  • Customize our software by adding your own data fields
  • Track assets quickly and accurately using a smartphone
  • Automate processes like field service requests and maintenance scheduling

Harness the power of cloud-hosted school inventory tracking software

  • No downloads or installations—up and running in minutes.
  • Works on any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic upgrades and enhancements
  • Secure storage in a top rated CenturyLink data center with daily backups

Read what others have to say about tracking school inventory with GoCodes

“GoCodes had the right combination of price and functionality. Having a web portal in which to track our assets is a great convenience.” —Marc Mangus, Vice President of Technology, EmLogis

“The system is very user-friendly with an easy-to-understand interface. GoCodes makes it easy to protect our assets in an industry where we have a high risk of losing expensive equipment.” —Gary Merrill, EMS Director

Find out if the GoCodes Inventory Tracking System is the solution for you. Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial today.

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How Does Our GoCodes Demo Help You?

Once you’ve applied for our demo, you will instantly receive login information to access it online. Our demo offers you a working version of our powerful software, including hypothetical test assets and information. Our demo also showcases how simple GoCodes is to use, the unique features we include (like GPS tracking) and clarifies how our total solution can help you manage theft and loss and meet your organization's asset and inventory management needs.

If you require assistance, our customer service team is pleased to be able to learn about your specific requirements, answer any questions and determine how GoCodes can best serve you. We are certain that you will be delighted with our Total Asset and Inventory Solution and we look forward to hearing from you.

Comprehensive Asset & Inventory Tracking Made Easy


With GoCodes, you’re good to go.

Our All-in-one Solution includes easy-to-use cloud-based software, free smartphone apps and patented QR code labels customized for your business.

Track your assets anywhere, any time. This innovative, cloud-based system lets you track and manage assets using your smartphone. Unlike expensive old-school systems, GoCodes works from the get-go with no software to load and no special equipment to add. It functions on any laptop, tablet, or computer, and is enabled with smartphone scanning.