Welcome to the GoCodes GPS Tracker Beta Program


Thanks for volunteering to participate in the GoCodes GPS Tracker Beta Program. We appreciate your time and look forward to an exciting and rewarding program. As a participant, you may be eligible for special pricing on real-time GPS tracking services at the end of the trial.

The goal of the program is to receive customer feedback to assist in completing the first stage of development of our new real-time GPS tracking solution. The solution is intended to provide GoCodes customers will the capability to receive automatic real-time GPS location information for assets.

Our Solution

Today, all GPS tracking devices require an intelligent electronic device along with a battery or other power source that provide adequate run-time for the desired application. Most solutions use a proprietary hardware solution that is wired into the equipment or attached to the equipment for tracking. This approach is complex and costly and out-of-reach for many customers. GoCodes has solved these problems by harnessing the power of:

  • Low-cost dedicated Android smartphone devices (<$40 in most cases)
  • SIM networking (e.g. FreedomPop offers 500MB/month for $0)
  • GoCodes GPS tracker app (free)
  • GoCodes account with GPS tracker setup (price TBD)

Many customers will be able to re purpose / recycle existing older Android smartphones for no additional cost. Our solution takes over the device and requires that it be dedicated as a tracker vs. being used as a smartphone. In fact older Android phones are ideal due to their smaller size and lower power consumption.

What You Need to Get Started

To participate in the program, you will need to provide the following components and resources:

  • An active GoCodes account at the Premium service-level or higher
  • Dedicate a single user login account for real-time updates e.g. [email protected]
  • Dedicate a single asset in your database for tracking e.g. (AS3R-76YR)
  • Provide configuration information in the form below for setup
  • Android smartphone device capable of running our app
  • GSM / CDMA SIM mobile network connection on the Android smartphone, we recommend FreedomPop who offer completely free service for a basic account

Once we receive this information, we will review it and once approved, send you a confirmation and instructions on how to setup your tracker device.

The program is planned to run through March 31st 2018.

That's it!

Small print: Customers participate at their sole discretion and are responsible for any/all participant costs including device hardware, networking & data usage charges. Customers agree to hold GoCodes harmless for an damages or losses incurred as a result of participating in the program.