Request a Free Trial of the GoCodes Real-Time GPS Asset Tracking Solution

The GoCodes Real-Time GPS Tracking Solution provides the following innovative features:

  • Real-time GPS and telemetry data seamlessly integrated into GoCodes
  • Easy 'no wires' installation and setup using commodity Android hardware
  • Quickly setup rules for for speed, 'geofence' and motion alerts
  • Manage your fleet of devices remotely from GoCodes software
  • View asset information in real-time using our web-app or mobile apps
  • Harness low-cost, commodity networking aligned with your needs
  • Ideal for fleets and high-value movable assets

GoCodes is pleased to offer a select group of qualified customers the opportunity to participate in the beta trial of our GPS asset tracking solution. Note: Customers must be located in continental USA at this time. Just complete the request form and a customer advocate will be in touch to explain the next steps: