GoCodes Features

GoCodes provides an easy-to-use asset & inventory tracking solutions that includes EVERYTHING you need to track you items on-the-go. We include patented QR code labels that are designed for your application and are setup and ready to use in our software. This list is a summary of our most commonly used features. If you don't see what your looking for just chat, email or call and we will help you. We're adding new features all the time as we continue to serve our customers.

Track & Manage Company Assets from Anywhere

Easily track and manage rich data about your assets on-the-go. Instantly add photos and web-links and check assets in-and-out in seconds by scanning the QR code label. All this information can be securely viewed and updated using any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Check In and Out Assets by Scanning the GoCodes Patented QR Barcode

GoCodes customers can quickly check in and out single or multiple items in just a few seconds. Just scan the QR code label with our mobile app and click 'Assign To' to check out an asset to an employee, customer or project. GoCodes keeps accurate records of who has each asset and a complete history over time. You can also receive email reminders when items become overdue.

Automatic GPS Tracking

Our patented technology harnesses the power of QR codes & smartphones to provide accurate GPS tracking when an asset is updated using a mobile device. View asset locations and location history on a map to validate its location or request driving directions.

Receive Customized QR Bar Code Labels

With GoCodes you can choose between downloading and printing your own QR code labels or receive custom QR code labels that are designed for your specific project. With our custom labels you can include your company name, contact details and color logo or you can opt for anodized aluminum foil or metal tags. Whether you work in an office or oil & gas exploration, we have tough labels that will stay in place for years to come.

Clear Identification Helps Reduce Theft & Accidental Loss

Clear identification with tough permanently attached labels discourages theft and provides a solution to accidental loss. Moreover, if your asset items are lost, anyone scanning the label can send a secure message to you, along with a GPS map to help facilitate the safe return of your asset.

Manage Inventory Quantity

You can mark specific items to be tracked as consumable inventory vs. assets. Once an item is marked as inventory, use our mobile apps to scan and update the quantity on-hand in seconds. Stock low? You can scan the GoCodes QR bar code to restock an item too. All inventory transactions are recorded in the history log so you have instant access to how your inventory was used.

Automate Field Service Requests 

Customers and field staff can securely call in field-service and other requests by scanning the QR code using any publicly available scanner. Once the patented QR code has been scanned, the system administrator will receive an email or text message alert, with all the details.

Scheduled Service Notifications

Schedule future service tasks and appointments and receive automated email notifications and text message alerts when the scheduled service is due. Emails can be sent to multiple users and group distribution lists.

Asset & Inventory Audit Scanner 

Quickly complete monthly, quarterly or annual asset inventory checks by simply scanning the QR code. The software automatically records the date/time and location of each asset on a map.

Enable Global Remote Data Capture & Logging 

Add your own custom data fields to enable your global team to clearly identify each asset and accurately view & enter data. A complete change history log allows you to view all data pertaining to your assets.

Track Accurate Asset Utilization Data

GoCodes tracks the duration an asset is assigned to a person or task. This information allows you to oversee the utilization of your assets and easily determine which assets have been used the most and require maintenance, checks or retirement.

Secure Identification

GoCodes’ secure patented identification technology means that each of your assets is assigned a randomized, globally-unique identification code which acts as a digital signature and ensures that no two assets will ever be mistaken. By combining our superior technology with tough permanently attached polyester labels and metal tags, GoCodes takes asset identification to an elite level.

Chose the Optimal Hardware for Your Needs

Our web application is designed to run on any computer with any standard web-browser, so we fully support Apple Mac and PC devices. Our mobile HTML-5 app is optimized for mobile devices and is browser based so there’s no need to install an app or any other software. We also include free mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. These apps leverage the full power of the mobile devices to provide enhanced capabilities and a streamlined user experience.

Ease of Use and Snappy Performance

GoCodes was developed to make completing your most common asset and inventory management tasks fast and effortless. We emphasize the ability to rapidly search for or identify any asset and update it in a few clicks. GoCodes was built for speed, so most tasks take less than a second to complete.  GoCodes is so powerful, it literally feels like you are using installed software.

Track Rich Asset Data in Real-Time from Anywhere, Using any Device

GoCodes supports all of the most common data-fields and allows you to add your own date-fields, too. The most commonly used fields include:  Make, Model, Serial Number, Reward, Type, Sub-Type, Group, Description, Purchase Date, Original Cost, Lifespan, Current Value, Warranty Terms, Last Service Date, Next Service Date, Service Notes, Home Location, Assigned To and Status.

Access Product manuals or Other Documentation and Resources 

 GoCodes allows you to add web-link to internal and external document resources with a single click. You can add photos from your computer or take a photo using your smartphone.

Complete Audit Change History

Any time someone updates an asset, we record the details including the user, date/time and GPS location along with the data which was changed. If you want to view all your change history, simply download the change history report.

Custom Fields & Pick Lists

You can add your own custom data fields to customize the software to your unique requirements. Custom data fields appear seamlessly integrated into the user interface along with standard data fields, so everything is displayed on the screen in front of you. You may also save time and improve data quality by creating custom pick lists which you can add to any existing fields as well as custom data fields.

Organize Your Assets into Groups

You can organize your assets into one or more groups, so you can quickly search for them by their attributes as well as view and update all the group members at once. For example, you can search for all the assets assigned to ‘Melissa Brent’, view them and check them all in, in a single step.

Secure Role-Based Access

GoCodes allows you to assign your team members to roles based on the tasks they perform while maintaining accountability. The four roles include:

  • Group Administrator – Has full control of assets and settings and can view all reports
  • Asset Manager – Has full control of assets but cannot change settings and can view reports
  • Asset Assignor- Can view assets and check them in/out, has limited report access
  • Read Only – Can view assets only

Maintain Your Assets Your Way

Our free apps enables you to quickly check in and out single assets or groups of assets by scanning the QR code on the label. All changes are instantly recorded in the cloud-hosted database along with a full change history. Changes are instantly applied to your cloud-hosted database so everyone works from one ‘version of the truth’.

Get up and Running Fast with Migration Assistance

With GoCodes, you can take your current spreadsheet or data from your current system, copy it into our template and we will QA and upload it for you.

Two Powerful Reporting Options

  • Standard reporting: Filter and download asset detail report based on the results of your ‘google style’ search. Download reports that show the change log events and label scans for each asset.
  • Enterprise reporting:  Get over 18 customizable pre-built reports that cover the most common asset management tasks. Quickly design your own custom reports to meet your unique requirements and share them with your team.  Create powerful bar-charts, pie-charts, scatter plots and dashboards to take your asset management to the next level.

Secure Cloud-Hosted Solution save Time & Money

GoCodes software is hosted in the cloud by Microsoft Azure at their high-security data centers. Full system backups are taken nightly, encrypted and stored in another cloud data center thousands of miles away for peace of mind.