Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Do you have any YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use GoCodes Asset Management software?

Yes, we just started posting short demo videos to YouTube that show how some of the features can be used to complete common tasks. CLICK HERE. There will be more coming soon.

2 - Can you explain how the GPS location tracking of an asset works?

Sure, we use the GPS location of the GPS enabled smartphone or mobile device as the location when we update the position of the asset. There are two ways the GPS location gets updated, the first is anytime a person scans the QR code tag with a QR code scanner and proceeds through the screens and clicks the submit button. In many cases the user is prompted that their location is being requested, though this varies by smartphone. The second instance is specific to the iPhone native app only. This happens any time the asset QR code is scanned (not via the search feature) and the asset information is then updated in some way. This design provides a powerful and affordable tracking solution which costs a fraction of active tracking systems which can cost hundreds of dollars per asset. Most asset are not continuously on the move and are more commonly being transported from one location to another as they reside there for most of the time, in these cases GPS tracking when checking in/out is a effective and highly affordable alternative to active tracking.

3 - 6 Tips and Tricks to Speed-Up Initial Data Entry and Help with Data Organization

One thing we hear from customers is that they are looking for ways to make it easier to get their asset information loaded into the system. We also find that the customers who complete this step at the start get the most value out of the system. Here are some ideas to help get you started fast:
1) Taking Inventory & Audits: If you are starting asset management from scratch, you may need to inventory what you actually have and get the assets loaded into the system. We find that ‘many hands make light work’, so why not schedule an inventory party? Bring in some pizza/snacks and have the whole team scan and enter your assets at once in a working session. Sometimes it makes sense to just have them enter some key data and then use options 3 or 4 below to add other data.
2) Uploading a Spreadsheet: Have an existing system or spreadsheet? Then the best way to start is usually with a one-time data upload (optional for Premium+ customers). With this approach, we send you a simple spreadsheet template and instructions. You cut/paste/enter your data using all the power of Microsoft Excel to cut/paste/copy rows as needed. Then you send it back to us. We do a QA test to make sure everything looks good, and then we import it into our system.
3) Updating Multiple Assets Using the Scan Feature: Once you have some data in the system, it’s easy to update multiple assets at the same time. Say for example you have 20 iPads which were ordered at the same time and need to be added to the system with make & model number information etc.. Once you have the labels applied and active in the system you can use the multi-scanning feature of the iPhone native app to select the 20 iPads by scanning the QR codes. The app will beep and vibrate your phone as you scan each code. Then you can update all of them at once with the Make and Model information on the view/update screen. You can use this feature for as many assets and data fields as you like.
4) Updating Multiple Assets Using the Search Feature: You can also use the native iPhone app to update multiple assets at once by using the search feature. It’s very similar to scanning the labels only this time you search for them. Once you have a set of search results, you can update them all at once. You need to determine a common piece of data that exists for each asset. That’s what you would search for.
5) Best Practices for Working with Data: The GoCodes software has a powerful search feature which searches all of the data associated with all of your assets just like Google Gmail searches. There’s no need for folders and files. So you can find things fast. Since the searching and reporting is based on the data, we recommend that you take some time to decide how you want to organize your assets. For example by team, dept., type, owner, location etc. Once you decide that, you can setup your custom data fields and custom pick-lists (in Profile and Settings) to help ensure that you minimize manual data entry and have the highest data quality. Try to make key data items that you want to search by a single word. For example instead of having an asset assigned to an employee ‘John Smith’, use ‘John_Smith’ instead. That way you will be able to search for the name ‘John_Smith’ and you will get accurate unique matches.
6) Updating & Checking in/out Multiple Assets: You can quickly check in/out multiple assets using the native iPhone app. Just put the scanner in ‘multi’ mode, scan the labels and check in/out as needed. The assets will all be updated in a single step. When checking out, you will be able to select who the assets are ‘Assigned To’ and this can be a great place to configure a drop-down or pick-list. When assets are checked in, the Assigned To field will be cleared. Remember GoCodes tracks all changes to you can always see who checked an asset in/out and when in the Change History for each asset. You can also use the search feature in the iPhone native app to select a group of assets to check in/out in the same way. This can be very helpful for assets that get checked in/out as a group. For example for items that are normally included in a tool box, or even a truck.

4 - What's the best way to activate new GoCodes Standard (100 packs) of asset tags and create a new account?

Here are the standard instructions for customers who purchase the Standard Asset tags in packs of 100 which require manual activation before they can be used.

1) (If needed) Download a QR code scanning app for your smartphone. We recommend our own GoCodes free QR code scanner which can be downloaded from our website
2) Go to the following webpage:
3) Enter the 8 character code from one of the tags and click submit
4) Select the link to ‘Sign up and Activate’ to create your account by entering your email address and password
5) Now your account has been created and your first tag is active! You can now enter additional information for this tag OR activate additional tags by scanning the tag with your smartphone QR code scanning app. You won’t have to login in again, it will remember!
6) GoCodes iPhone app users only: If you are using the GoCodes iPhone native app you downloaded from the iTunes app store then just start the app and click the scan button. Do not login on your iPhone.

Here are some suggestions based on your specific requirements:

1) If you have a lot of tags to activate and you want to do them at once, then activating them by scanning the QR code with your smartphone is the fastest way. Once you login, you won't be asked to login again, so you can just scan the tag, enter the Type info and then go onto the next. Then you can come back using your mobile device or phone and enter all the additional details you want to track.

2) If you prefer using a full-size keyboard, then once your account is created, you can login on your computer and select the main menu option to activate asset tags, then you can key the information in to activate and add detailed information as needed.

3) Another helpful approach is to activate them using one of the methods above (1 or 2), and then use the iPhone native app to search for or scan asset tags and then update multiple tags at the same time. For example, say you had 10 identical computers (other than serial number). You could label each one, scan the label to activate. Then when they are all active, you can scan all 10 labels at once using the multi-scanning feature and then you can update them all with their common information in one step. That will give you 10 assets with identical asset details other than the GoCodes ID.

5 - Can my whole team use GoCodes, what roles do you support?

Yes, our Premium+ software includes support for multiple named users sharing access to your asset information, plus there are different role options so you can grant the level of access required by each person. Roles include Group Manager, Asset Manager , Asset Assignor and View Only. Group Managers are the system administrators who can perform all functions including modifying system setup features like custom data fields. Asset Managers can view and update all asset information. Asset Assignor's can view all asset information and check assets in and out by updating the assets' location and assignment information and lastly View Only users can view asset information, but cannot update any information. Our software also tracks asset changes and includes change reports so you can always look back and see who changed what and when.

6 - Android tablet recommendations

In order to get excellent scanning performance from Android based tablets you should plan on using a tablet with an integrated auto-focus camera. Although the others will work, they are less efficient especially for heavy duty applications where there is going to be a lot of scanning

7 - Why should I track my assets?

Most businesses label their equipment first and foremost to prevent loss or theft. Some industries are required to keep service and maintenance records for liability or insurance purposes. Asset management also tracks purchase, depreciation, and sale information for tax purposes or as loan collateral.

8 - Can I use a USB barcode scanner with my GoCodes software?

Yes you can. Your GoCodes software works with any USB scanner that is compatible with your computer device. Most people use PC or Apple MAC hardware and simply plug in a USB scanner. When you do this, you can use the scanner to scan serial number barcodes or actually scan your GoCodes QR Code in the browser URL bar to display the asset information. This option is popular with company IT departments where they sometimes need to quickly scan lots of assets to update them or add serial number information.

9 - Can GoCodes provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled asset tags? How do they work?

Yes. GoCodes Cloud Management Software also works with RFID and NFC technology as well as QR codes. These special GoCodes asset tags can be scanned by many Google Android powered smartphones and tablets just like a QR code scanner. These tags can also be scanned with other RFID scanners including handheld and proximity scanners. By using RFID/NFC tags and Android devices GoCodes is able to provide a powerful and affordable RFID tagging solution that can be scanned in the field with common Android Smartphones and Tablets.

10 - Do GoCodes reduce loss and theft?

Yes. Research demonstrates that clearly recognizable asset tag labels prove ownership, deter theft, intentional damage, and reduce accidental loss. Moreover, you can use your GoCodes asset management system to conduct routine audits of all equipment. By conducting a regular scan of equipment, you can rapidly identify missing assets.

11 - How does GoCodes asset management track my equipment?

When a GoCode identification tag is scanned with a smartphone, it connects the phone to the free, cloud-based asset tracking website, sending information, including GPS location, to the site. Other information, such as service and maintenance records or depreciation information, can be linked to the unique QR Code of any individual item.

12 - Do I have to purchase software or hardware?

No. All GoCodes asset management software is contained in the cloud and accessed through our web portal. A variety of free apps allow smartphone/tablet users to scan QR Codes.

13 - Will I need a specialist to manage the cloud-based website?

This depends on a number of factors, including the size of your company and the complexity of your asset management program. Most companies can easily integrate an asset management program with existing personnel. The GoCodes asset management website is specifically designed to be user-friendly and simple to navigate.

14 - Is my company data secure?

Yes. We protect your company data with rigorous encryption standards. All personal information is encrypted

15 - How do GoCodes help retrieve lost assets?

Each GoCode is a unique, web-enabled fingerprint. If someone finds a lost item, he or she simply scans the QR code identification tag. Your company is then alerted by text, email, and on your GoCode asset management website, and you and the finder are connected via a secure, anonymous interface. In addition, communications (including text or email message) can be sent to any employee assigned to that equipment.

16 - What are the specifications for the GoCodes asset management system?

Our asset identification tags are ideal for computers, tools, fixtures, medical equipment, rental equipment industrial equipment, travel cases and packaging and a host of other applications. Made from high quality materials, they can be customized to your precise requirements. You may choose from different media (e.g. polycarbonate or aluminum), select vibrant colors, configure text message and contact information, select QR Code size and custom data integration features. Complex data import/exports, real-time or batch data integration, and other software configurations can be customized with our help and implemented using our cloud-based asset management software.

Asset Tagging Labels Are:

  • Extremely tough and tamper-resistant, made from a heavy-duty waterproof polypropylene material (standard)
  • Abrasion resistant due to a protective laminate top layer
  • Waterproof (we have used these inside washing machine tubs and dryers for extended tests)
  • Permanently adhere to the surface including metal and other challenging materials
  • Come in two sizes: 1.5 x 1.5 inch and .75 x 1.5 inch (standard)
  • Can be customized to your unique needs such as size, colors, text message, custom data, roles or graphic markings
  • Available fast and at a competitive cost with no hardware or software to purchase

Asset Tag Standard Technical Specification:

  • Size: 1.5 x .75 inches or 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Media: 3mil white matte polypropylene (BOPP)
  • Over laminate: 1mil clear super thin
  • Adhesive: Emulsion acrylic, permanent
  • Temp range for operation -10 to 200 deg. F

Other specifications are available on request.

17 - What are QR codes?

QR codes are small, square bar codes that can store more information than traditional linear bar codes. They can be quickly scanned by smart phones, tablets and other electronics. Although they were initially used in manufacturing, they are now used extensively as a marketing tool, allowing prospective customers to quickly learn more about a new product or service by simply scanning the barcode. GoCodes put this technology to work for retrieving lost items. If you are interested in learning more about QR codes, please click on this QR Barcode Wiki..

18 - Where can I get a QR barcode scanning apps or other resources for my smart phone, laptop or tablet?

There are lots of QR barcode scanning apps to choose from. Most are free of charge and you may already have one loaded.

iPhone/iPod/iPad: Feel Free Apps

Android: QR Droid

Blackberry: NeoReader

PC or Laptop (Can use a web cam): QuickMark

Other QR Bar code resources: QRMediaguide

19 - What is the best way to attach GoCodes to assets?

Simply remove the backing and attach them to your possessions. Pre-printed GoCodes are hard-wearing and resistant to moisture and tampering, with a special adhesive that ensures they stay in place.

20 - Can I order custom-made GoCodes in metal or other materials?

Absolutely. We are able to create GoCodes in a variety of materials depending on your business needs. Email us at [email protected]

21 - I found an item with a GoCode QR barcode label, but I could not scan it. What do I do now?

Thanks for trying! We appreciate your effort and so will the owner.Just click "Found GoCode" at the top left corner of this site or click here. In less than a minute, we will collect some simple information from you and get in touch with the owner on your behalf.

22 - How can I get news about developments at GoCodes?

We have a range of fresh, exciting options to create that will ensure that you,our trusted customer, will enjoy greater future benefits from GoCodes.Just sign-up for our newsletter and we will automatically keep you posted.

23 - How can I share a GoCodes' success story or testimonial with other customers?

We love to hear customer stories and we can't wait to hear your story. Just email your story to us at [email protected] and let us share it with the world!

24 - QR Bar codes are new, how will people know how to scan a found item?

Most people will be able to scan them. For people who are unsure what to do, the GoCode 8 character ID can be entered directly on the GoCodes website home page.

25 - Are there any software downloads or special configurations needed to use GoCodes asset management software?

No, GoCodes cloud-based asset management software works in all standard web browsers on all common devices including PC, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are no apps to download and install so you can be up and running in minutes without costly IT support.

26 - I sometimes travel or work from home. Can I use GoCodes asset management on more than one device?

Yes. You can use as many different devices as you wish and because there’s no software to install, your asset management system is always available no matter where you are.

27 - I need some special features that are not available in the standard product. Can you customize the GoCodes asset management solution?

Yes. We offer our Enterprise customers the option to partner with us to create a unique and customized asset management solution that precisely meets their business requirements. Just call our sales team and we can quickly assess your needs.

28- Are GoCodes asset tags tough enough to withstand most business and industrial applications?

Yes. Our asset identification tags come in a variety of materials from a cost effective polyester film to premium polyester and metal. Most customer requirements are served with our rugged polyester tags which can withstand most common operating environments for a lifespan that matches the life of the asset.

29 - I have noticed that sometimes I have problems when I scan a GoCode with my smartphone and click on buttons on the screen. Any ideas what the problem is and what I can do?

We test GoCodes with a variety of QR code scanner apps. Some QR code scanning apps include a mini-browser, and in some cases these mini browsers do not support all the standard features of a web browser. In those cases, just select the option to open the full web browser. We have seen this behavior with RedLaser on iPhone/iPad devices. You can check the list of supported QR code scanners.

30 - I have scanned a GoCode asset tag and sent a message, but the recipient did not see a map in their message board.

Make sure you selected ‘yes’ on your smartphone when prompted to allow the software to obtain your location from your smartphone. If that does not work, check that GPS maps are included in your services, they are separately activated in the system. If you need help please email support.

31 - What if a GoCodes asset tag gets damaged? How can I get the information about the asset?

The GoCodes QR code is designed to withstand up to 30 percent damage by using the special features of QR codes to protect your data. Try scanning the damaged code with your smartphone; you might be amazed that it’s still scanable. If that does not work, you can read the 8 character code on the tag and enter it on the website homepage.

32 - Why is the GoCodes Asset Management Cloud Software so responsive and secure?

GoCodes uses the latest enterprise class technology from Microsoft. The website is powered by Microsoft's .Net Web Technology stack and utilizes Microsoft's SQL server for the database features. Our servers are hosted in the cloud by CenturyLink, our hosting technology partner. Partnering with CenturyLink allows us to provide high security, performance and scaleability that can be adjusted to meet high growth and changing customer demand. In addition, all customer data is backed up daily to a high-security offsite data center location.