Introducing the GoCodes affordable serialization and tracability solution

Are you looking for an affordable specialty serialization and tracability solution for your low-volume custom products and prototypes? We can help.

GoCodes offers the following powerful features at an amazing low cost:

  • Secure cloud-based solution
  • Unique randomized serial numbers
  • Mobile scanning apps to view, verify and update product information
  • Production of specialty bar codes designed for your application including datamatrix, QR codes and other symbol sets
  • GPS tracking
  • Open API for easy integration into your other systems

serialization and tracability custom solutions for pharmaserialization and tracability for electronics

GoCodes is the ideal solution for your small volume specialty applications where you're not yet ready to invest in a high-volume solution and need to move quickly to secure your products from counterfeit and fraud.

With GoCodes your up-and-running fast with a powerful and secure solution that's scaled to meet your needs. As a leader in cloud-based barcode tracking solutions, we are able to provide everything you need to ensure accurate serialization and tracability. Your team will be able to use the smartphones, tablets and mobile devices they already have to scan and verify each item and manage it through it's complete product lifecycle.

Industry applications:

  • Pharmacy R&D & trials
  • Electronics components
  • R&D field tests for research teams
  • Medical devices
  • Specialty tools and components
  • Designer consumer goods
  • Military equipment UID

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